Hello world!


That Girl X

She has the hottest outfits, finds the sickest deals, goes to the best parties, and always knows that  “great” spot around the corner.

She is “That Girl”. She sits next to you on the subway with the baddest shoes, dances in the VIP booth in the flyest dress, or walks by you down the street with that hairstyle that is firrre.

As a 20-something graduate starting from scratch in the big city I see girl X everyday. I mean, to be honest, I’m pretty sure we are all “That Girl” to someone. So join me on my journey for all things “girl x” would find fabulous & fun.I’m always on a search for the grown  & sexy  places to party, yummy places  to eat and the  best way to stretch my dollahh.  I want to share it all from the low down on that cupcake  place down the street  to the best way to make your eyelashes pop.

Although I’ve found a lot of blogs that I love, there are very very few that represent for all those girls of color out there. I want to talk for the girls with curves and textured hair. For the girl with the skin tone that only has one or three shades in the drugstore foundation aisle instead of seven. For the girl who can hold down an intellectual conversation with the best of ’em and  still loves to get messy and do Miss Keri’s “pretty rock” in the club.

Food, shoes, hair, parties, money, whatever’s cleverr. Join me in the convo, make your requests, send me your tips. Show me your tricks and I’ll show you mine;)



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