Derwin & Med Schooool

Tuesdays are great for a number of reasons. Toonie tuesday at KFC, $2.75 Latte day at second cup, cheap movie day at Cineplex, andd as of January, The Game at 10pm on BET.

Now if you do not watch The Game,I would highly suggest you crawl back under that rock you came from..LOL, joookee!! If you don’t watch The Game you should really get on itt, its a faab show about football players and their wives and until a few weeks ago it had been on hiatus for about TWO YEARS, but now its bizaackk and on a new network. Soo if you need to get caught-up on past seasons, go to http://www.sidereel.com/TheGame. Sidereel is great website for tv shows, just remember to ‘search links’ to get the full list of links to watch.

Since aloot of time has passed since the season premier, I really can’t be bothered to do a review on the earlier episodes from this season– To be honest, given the overall wackness of some of them is it if even worth it to review them?!– howeverr since I only just caught up on the last few episodes this weekend I just want to share my thoughts..

*Sigh* This picture reallyyy says it all…Kelly’s thirsty desperation is like a metaphor for season 4 ..I mean I knew once BET picked up the show that there would most likely be some changes, but I think it is safe to say that this is def not the same ol’ Game that we all grew to love.  Needlesss to say the last two episodes have been a HUUGE improvement from the premiere, which in my words was a biiig dissapointment, I mean was I the only one who felt like that whole episode including the ads was a big Terrance J promo!?

Annywayy, so in episode 7  we get to see Kelly booty popp on Fabolous and I have to say it was theee most awkward thing. First off, I am not trying to be rude, but whaat is the deal with Kelly’s body!? I understand not everyone has curves, buuut, DRESS FOR YOUR BODY TYPE. How a belly top and tight skirt managed to make her fit & tiny physique look awful is beyond me, but word up to the stylist on set- DO BETTERR!! Also why is it that EVERYY club scene that happens on The Game looks soooooo wack!? Even fabolous looked bored..they let him perform for wayyy too long, I started to think I was watching a music video for the song..but alas this is what happens when BET gets their greedy hands on things..I mean look at the RANDOMNESS that is Terrance J..I need RICK FOX back asap!!

I really enjoyed the last two episodes regardless, it was interesting to see Kelly look so thirsty, and IRRITATING to see her thirteen year old daughter act TWENTY-FIVE!? I know she is supposed to be a sassy young teen, but come onnnn, baby girl is acting TOO grown, even for me.. I loooove the new addition to the cast with Tika Sumpter as Malik’s rehab mate, shout-outs to all my GOSSIP GIRL fans, in case you were wondering why she looked so familiar she is the same billionaire boss  black diva that got Chuck all hot & botherrred.Annyway high five to the writers for a properr story line the last couple of episodes, it got real REALLL fast with Malik acting all Charlie Sheen, haha.

Tika Sumpter- Fab pic of a Faaab girl. I want that blazer and those pumps ASAP..actuallyy throw in the swimsuit too..

Can’t wait for tonight’s episode, get ready for a properrr full-out review!


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