Oh you fancy huh?

Oh heyyy Idris Elba & Taye Diggs;)

Alright people, it’s time to get it crack-a-lackinnn, it seems like I created this blog at the perrfect time, because right after the bday of ‘Thatgirlx’ we had the the most fab of fab events go down- the OSCARS! Now a little handclap to  all of you who actually stayed on that long ass 4 hour train ride that I call the award ceremony. Howeverrr, for those of you, like mee, who had to actually get up in the AM the next day and skipped the actual showw ] lets get down to the part of Oscars season that realllly matters, the red carpet & oscar party fashion!(photo cred: getty images)

To start things off, I have to give a shout out to the ultimate ‘girl x’, young or old, black or white, I’m sure women all over the world have had a ‘that girl’ moment when it comes to miss Hallee..


Gorg in a Marchesa gown, she looked like she had been wrapped in a diamond encrusted cloud, LOVE LOVED it. As usual the making is flawless with a great smokey eye and a light pink lip. I’m tellinggg you, you can never go wrong with a light pink lip a bronze cheek. It’s obvious why this women even has her own DANCE..

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson and Jamie Fox

Jennifer.Hudson. JENNIFERR.HUDSONNN. Although it has been a whillee since she has lost all that weight, I still cannot belieeeve it. Honestly, everry single time I see a pic of her, I am stunned. Alot of critics were hating on the outfit, but I loove the color, and she def rocked that Versace. The Neil Lane jewels set off the ensemble and the onlyy thing I have to say– call me a hater if you want but i have to be honest– a very biggg side-eye to the cleavage, something looks very off, anddd the hairline on that lacefront(!?!) imjussayin..BUT beautiful dress nonetheless. I felt like it was her KAPOWW “Here-I-am” moment, and that is very girl x.  I can’t believe this was the same girl in the bolero jacket last year?! I love her make-up, the bronze cheek with the cat-eye liquid liner look, beautiful! I now want a blinged out statement ring & cuff for my next clubbing look..KAPOWW

*SIDENOTE: Jamie FOXX..you have millions of dollars..MILLIONS, and you still can’t afford lotion!? Ashy at the OSCARS?!No sir..

Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon- Brandy, Serena Williams, guest, Gabrielle Union,

Gabrielle Union-Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon

The Black Women in Hollywood Luncheonn was part of the oscar season fesitivities and  also  had alot of fab going on. Gabrielle Union looked lovely in an off the shoulder black dress, very cute vintage vibe. I lovvved her red lip, and the cute curled up bob she had going on. Serena Williams rocked a white belted dress with the whispy one shoulder that made her look feminine for once (Don’t kill the messenger..).

*Brandy needs to stop getting Kim K’s make-up artist to give her the EXACT same look, including the foundation..lol, serriously I am not trying to be  mean..but honestly Brandy who told you that it was alright to go that light on your cheeks. I’m not even going to comment on her lacefront..I’m not..

I just had to do another Jennifer look. Anotherr  KAPOWW moment!? I loved the purple on her, side eye AGAIN to the lace front — give me$ 69.95 and a ride to the Keele & Sheppard beauty supply and I can do better–..but I am all about the the tan velvet platform pump. I NEED those in my closet asap. Ladies, if you don’t already have  a nude platform pump in your shoe stash I highly suggest raiding your local ALDO or SPRING and catch them while they are having some great sales this week, you will not regret it. Such a staple for spring!

Angela Basset- Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon

I adorree Angela Basset. She won my heart in Malcolm X and has kept on doing so everytime I see her on the red carpet. She is just CLASS in every way. I loved the silk grey dress she rocked to the luncheon but my favirote of the whole look is the makeup. That smokey look with the grey eyeshadow?! YAAASSS!  The hair is on pointt, as per usual, with a great loose wave that captures the “perfectly messy” look juust right.

Sofia Vergara- Vanity Fair Oscar Party

If you don’t watch “Modern Family” you need to get onnn it, that show is hilarious, and sofia vergara is purre comedy. She always looks like a DIVA on and off the stage, I just have to give her a hand clap, she represents latinas well. THIS is how you work your curves, I love the lace underlay with the black accents, and of course the blinged out cuff and earrings are fire!

Zoey Saldana- Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Zoey Saldana rocked a bright look with some hot colors that you should def start incorporating into your spring wardrobe. Great up-do and love the open detail in the back. Cute look.

Joy Bryant & Kerry Washington- Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Joy Bryant got it right with the sequins & leather. Kerry Washington was also up on the metallic sequiny(yes this is not a word, and no this is not an academic paper:p) look, howeverr I wasnt really feeling the cut or the flat boring hair. LOVVEE the braids on Joy, wish more celebs would bring it back to the micros ever now and then!

Lots of fab people (yes I'm lazy..lol)

Another fab pic from the Black Women in Hollywood luncheon. Kimora Lee Simmons looked lovely in that light pink, I really enjoy when she skiips the whole baby phat ghetto fab and goes for the less is more. Love the hot pink pumps on the right, and that open toe platform ankle boot next to it. Shout out to TASHA MACCCCKK in the middle!!( Yes I know that is not her real name, but I just finished watching the Game from last week..)

Minus that thing she is doing with her face, I really I really enjoy this look Brandy had going on for Rolling Stone Awards weekend bash.  Sexy without too much skin, makes me want to go out and buy a metallic dress, I wish her  hair had some more body to it though, still a nice look.

Black don’t craack!


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