The Game Episode 8 – Who You GONNA SCREW MALIK!? ME OR YOU!

Malik and his Tom Cruise moment

That picture expresses EXACTLY how I feel..TGIF Everyyybody!! Thank the LORRD it is Fridayy, this  week was so hectic I ended up missing the Game on Tuesday,  and since I did not want to sell my soul, first born or my personal identity on one of those random sites to get to the episode link,  it took me allll week to finally find a website that had a good ol’ Megavideo link.

Before I reviewww, since Thatgirlx is all about givingg..or as Charlie Sheen would say “Winning”, lol, here is the megavideo link for this weeks episode for all of you may have missed it:)

|The Game-Episode 8 “You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello”|

Malik & The Mo'Nique Show

Soo let’s get down to BIZNASSSS. As much as I was dissapointed with the first few episodes and randomness of season 4, I have to say that The Game  has made like a fine french winee and  is really just getting betterr and better with age!

As funny as Malik and his Tom Cruise spoof on the Mo’Nique show was, I def have to SIDE EYE BET and say “I SEE YOU HOMIE!!” Seriously, when will the shameless promotion stop. First we had Terrance J for NO good reason up in there as Tasha’s boo, when we ALL know Rick Fox does it best. THEN they went and DOUBLED the quota of  booty popping  & video chick scenes per episode, and NOW we have the Mo’Nique show promo?! What’s REALLY good BET..whats really good. I will try not to say “I told you so” when suddenly Derwin decides to start a music career and go on 106 & Park where Rocsi will be dating Jason..

”]But annywayyy, enough with that ranting & raving..Meagan Good  gave us crazy in so so many ways.


Ohh Miss Meagan. Hand clap for her, coming on this show was the best career move she has made in a WHIILEE. She had crazy beautiful make-up, crazy hotfirre hair BUT her plain charlie sheen-esque crazy attitude was entertainment.

“Who you going to screw Malik. me? or yourself?” –People. They don’t make lines like this no mooo. Rape?! You threaten dude with RAPE? I did not everr forseee her BLACKMAILING malik to sleep with her?! In TV land the rape card really trumps all. Poor Malik..I really don’t want him to lose his model chick, the plot is really twisting and turning, confusing yet somewhat entertaining..

Also, speaking of random.  The threesome element, that was confusing plain & simple. BET clearly is running with their mantra of Sex sells and forcing it down our throats every chance they get. I personally could have done without the whole threesome randomness, I mean it  didn’t really add anything to the story. BUT atleast they didn’t make everyone go topless again & drink wine..I mean really WTF was THAAT episode about..I loved the threesome girls afro atleast, representing for the natural chicks, hayyyy. LOL though at Derwin asking for Melanie to do it  ” like the way she did before”

Such a random way to end an episode, but hey, things are def getting better. Feel free to post your comments on episode 8. Can’t wait for next week!!


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