photo cred: Sushi O |(people, this place is the REAL DEAL!!)

When the weather is gloomy and there isn’t a holiday in sight, I love to take it upon myself and create my own excitement by grabbing my girls and going out to eat!

I am not a professional chef or food critique, but straight-up, I loooooove food and I love eating, especially  SUSHI! For those of you who just thought “eww”, I know, I knowww, I understand your fearr, listen  I used to be the president of the “EWW SUSHI IS RAW & NASTY” club, but I have come a looong way from the girl that side-eyed my roomies california roll.  Honestly, if you like rice with meat, or even rice with just veggies, you will like sushi, and its not even raw the way your thinking.  GIVE.IT.A.CHANCE, my peopllee, I would never steer you wrong!? And if you already like sushi, you will LOVE this review.

Anywayyy, on one of my random outings in the city I discovered this amazing place on eglinton that I just have to share with you all. Not only is the food delicious, fresh and authenticc, but the price is PERFECT at barrellyy 20 bucks…Not bad for All-U-Can-Eat authentic japenese sushi!?  ..

photo cred: Sushi O


Location… 90 Eglinton Ave. E Toronto, ON. M4P 2Y3 P.S. (This is the location I always go to, and that I love, but there are apparantley others out there)


Type….Japanese Sushi

Price….All-U-Can-Eat $19.99+ tax (Tuesday special- $15.99+tax) . Of course they also have cheap seperate items too.
Lunch buffet is even cheapperr- $13.99(?!)

photo cred: Sushi O..p.s. bbq eel is the one at the top, soo delish!

People this place is sooo delicious! Not only is the decor fab, the location is fantastic. It’s just under a block away from yonge & eglinton  and the eglinton subway station(under 10 minute walk), they have great parking in the back..a miracle on Eglinton..and the food is aaalways fresh and with the open kitchen concept you can see it made righht in front of your eyes! Plusss they have a beautiful patio area in the front that will be perrrrfect for a summer outing *sigh*. Annywayy,  I have nooo clue how they can afford to keep their prices so low because their food is ridiculously good and fresh..I know I keep repeating the french thing, but honestly when you TRY it, you will understand exaactly what I mean.

The all-u-can-eat includes dessert and they have a really great selection. Some of their more unique selections are  the mango, green tea, and GINGER flavours and all of them are superr yummy.  My faav things on the menu are the:

-Shrimp Tempura (perfectly crispy and yummy. forget about the treadmill and enjoyy)
-BBQ Eel sushi…I knoww it sounds scary, but i will testify that it is sooooo amazing, seriously it just tastes like bbq chicken. I know, spoken like a true food connoisseur..
-Spicy salmon sushi
-Shrimp tempura sushi

-Chicken fried rice..yes I went to a sushi place and got rice, AND WHAT!?
-Spring rolls(fresh and hot and crispy, luv luv)

They have atleast 20 more other types of sushi to try, and if you go on a tuesday you’ll be able to keep everything just a bit over 20 bucks, but leave stuffed..and not in that awful Mandarin buffet “I’m gonna die right now”  type of stuffed. It’s more like a “that was G.O.O.D. I’m ready for bed!” type of stuffed.  The service is decent for a place that makes all-u-can-eat on the spoot, and the staff is sweet

Try it out, you know thatgirlx would!!


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