5 Things Inside My Makeup Bag. cheap.cheap.cheap!

Here are some products that will make sure you DO NOT look like this. Oh lil kim..please do better..

Alright laadies let’s talk makeup!! One of my biiiiigest pet peeves is when a girl will say that she loves your make-up, your outfit, your hair or whatever and then they throw in that sly comment about how they are too busy to do this or that and just wiiiish they had the time that you have.

Girl puhleeease.  Pulling yourself together takes as long as you want it to! I have actually timed myself and it takes me about 5-8 minutes to get my make-up look together. Practice makes perfect and once you’ve got your steps down, it all becomes an after-thought, having the right staples in your makeup bag can make a huge difference. I love quality but I also need the price and availability to be right. In the future when I’m settled into my career and making the big dollahhhs I’m sure I will have no qualms stocking up at the mall and dropping hundreds on dior and mac makeup, buut right now, right herre, I need something that will last, that is cheap and that is easily available.  

Soo for those of you trying to figure out the best bang for your buck below I’ve chosen  FIVE staples in my makeup bag that you should definitley check out!

I use some of the products below for this make-up look. (I didnt mention vaseline on the list, but thats what i use for my lip "gloss"!)It's my fav for the day time, i call it the "i bet u think its naturall, no-makeup-look" and mayybe if your nice in the future I will do a step-by-step for ya;)

1  Annabelle brand eyeshadow in bronze.

Annabelle Bronze Eyeshadow

Price- Around 5 bucks and easy to find at shoppers and walmart.

I lovvee this eyeshadow because it looks great on all skin tones, and is an especiallyy great neutral color for medium to dark tones. I use this on the dailyy on my lids, and also on my cheeks, it has a great bronze glow that works perfect all year round!

2   Maybelline Expert Wear Eye Shadow 8 Pan Sunbaked Neutrals

Price is about 8 to 12 bucks, but it will last your for aages!
Sold at most drugstores. I get it from shoppers or walmart.It took me foreeverrr to find an eyeshadow pack that would work for me. The dark brown on the far bottom left looks fab when you place in the crease and ceates a nice dark brown smokey eye effect. The bronze next to it is great on the lids and is a beautiful warm color. I dont really use the greens because they dont really show on my skin, but i love that gold at the top right, it is a great highlighter under the brow and also in the corners of your eyes.  The white color next to the green is great under the eyes before concealer. Also if your darker skinned and find that your eyeshadow colors never really pop use this white shadow as a base and then apply your color on top and VOILAA!
3 NYC liquid liner

NYC Liquid Eyeliner

Price is about 3 bucks!

This liquid liner is really cheap and works well for me. I am huge fan of the winged tip or cat-eye look and liquid liner is such an easy way to achieve that.

4       Aziza Eye pencil

Aziza Eyepencil (dollarama y'all!)

Price is about 1 DOLAAHH PLUS TAXX!

I am a dollarama junkie and one of the great things that I discovered there is my Aziza eyepencil. It has quickly become a staple in my makeup stash!  I find it weak as an actual eyeliner but it works really really well for me as an eyebrow pencil! I just adjust the pressure I use during application to get a lighter or darker black. I love the natural texture of the pencil and how it blends in with my brows, plus I like the line and control I have with it. If your face is a picture your eyebrows are the frame, so it pay attention to them!!

5 Lashblast Eyeshadow

Price is about 8 bucks,easy to get at drugstores and such. I get mine from walmart or shoppers, can you tell those are the closest things to my house, haha.

Honestly this mascara is the BOMB.It will get your lashes looking they best they can. Ask thatgirlx with the super long lashes that almost look like falsies and she will most likely be using this product. Not too clumpy and lasts ages.


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