80 Dollars Worth of Mani Pedi for 26 bucks?!Helllooo Noir Nail Bar …WINNINGGG


Noir Nail Bar

Spriiing is in the air and it feels fabulous ! I was gonee for a minute but now I’m bizaaaack. Where have I been? Stocking up on great tips and tricks to share with you beautiful people! So take a seat,cause this one is gooood. 

The weather has been a mish-mash of nonsense these last few weeks but thank the loorrd it is finally starting to feel like winter is gonee for good (knock on wood!) Now that you can finally switch from the heavy duty winter gear and let your hands feel the breeze, the time has never been better for a mani-pedi. Thanks to the amazing deal website www.fabfind.com, you can hook yourself up with not just anyyy mani-pedi but a luxury one in truee fabulous style at “Noir Nail Bar”. I’m talking $80 bucks worth of service for 26 dollarrrssss.

P.S. Fabfind? Welll, Everyday Fabfind offers a special deal online on something fab and fun, and the discount is always on point, especially when they offer something for free. I have enjoyed a free box of krispy kreme donuts, free gourmet bagels, free yogen fruz dessert, and a bunch of other things and today’s deal was just tooo good to be true that I had to share!

Can we say amazing?! Deal expires september 30th, but you need to purchase today. There's only 117 left laadies.


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