Trench Coat Fab!


Kim K in burberry. Loving her Christian Louboutin ”Maggie” pumps as well($895)

Sooo fingers crossed the weather will finally hit the positives and STAY there this weekend! With the spring-like forecast for this weekend I definitley want to get out and explore the city in something chic & sleekk. One of the big trends this spring is the trench coat and I’m loving the whole look of it, it’s sexy, light and functional.
I will def be copping one in tan/khaki and rocking with some platform pumps or boots asap.

Keep it simple & fitted! Beige and tan are hot colors for the season and this weekend I’ll be out in the mall scoping out which of my fav stores have this look on lock.

The classic fitted trench is gorg, and to step up the fab go for a trench with some unexpected detailing! Nobody does the trench better than Burberry and they have mixed in leather , gold and studs on their 2011 pieces for a modern twist.

For those of you who aren’t ready to drop rent money on a trench coat I will be on the look-out this weekend for some affordable look-a-likes of the stuff below. Stay tuned;)

Love Lala’s look below with the leather sleeves. The Burberry Prorsum Gabardine Biker Trench Coat( around $2367 bucks in case your balling like that). SEXY! [ Pic via Great blog for celeb gossip in ATL and beyond!]

Kim Kardashian below looked fab in  a Burberry trench as well,  she was rocking the Burberry Prorsum Studded Sleeve Twill Trench Coat. ($4,495) only this one is studded on the sleeves. Love these little touches Burberry is doing! Hand clap for the flawless make-up too!

Below is another look from Kim K, it’s a little bit more dress and flirty. Alot of people slammed her saying that it was inappropriate for her frame and too much volume. Baby I say you only live once, better make it fierce.  Celebitchy blog made said the following:

“Unfortunately for Kim, she tends to forget the style rules that curvy girls always need to follow – you should never have this much volume going on below the waist. The top of the coat is fine – she looks cute from the waist up. It’s the full-skirted coat bottom that is disturbing me. Instead of looking cute and lithe, the whole thing looks like a costume created for a Tim Burton film, right?”

Kim K in full volume trench. Those thigh high christian louboutin Stilettos are BAAWWWD. Not sure if I would have rocked the stripper boots with this look tho..

I’m not sure about those comments from Celebitchy. I think this look is cute with the full volume. I’m all about dressing for your shape and body type but in this case I don’t see any fault at all. I think this willl be such a cute look with some platform pumps for a dressy event, night on the town, or even sunday mass!

Alot of the above looks are really dressy, but Jessica Alba made it work on a casual day out. Look how the coat polishes up the weekend casuall steez.

Sarah Jessica Parker brings us a sexy cropped trench look. This look would be fab with a skinny jean and some pumps too.

Sarah Jessica Parker rocking the leather cropped trench. Oww oww.


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