Kim K Make-Up Fab

Kim K flawless make-up

Love her or hate her there is one thing that everyone should be able to agree on when it comes to Kim K and that is her flawwwless make-up. For some people having a completely flawless face  and alot of make-up is a bad thing while for others its a look they adore and rock on the daily, regarrdless of your opinion, Kim is always bringing the drama and the glam and a great inspiration for fab make-up looks.

Yes, I will agree that natural and beautiful is a great look but I have to admit that I also love a dramatic, flawless face as well.

When it comes to make-up youtube is my go-to guide for how to create a look and for the Kim K look there are  a lot of resources out there. Its hard to master the tricks and tools of make-up and one of the best users out there with some useful make-up tutorials is prettirell, she also is a warmer complexion so it’s helpful to see how to make color work for you when the shadow isnt really made for skin tone.

Some of the major tricks and tips I am learning from watching these videos is:

1.Fake eyelashes are a staple in kim’s look and a huge element to creating that WOW factor when doing a smokey/dramatic eye.

2. Light/contrast on the undereye and cheekbone area are the key to that  contoured effect that really pulls Kim’s  look together.

3. Layering and blending your eyeshadow is cruucial to making everything work. Investing in a great eyebrow brush will do wonders for eye shadow application because this make-up look is all about blend blend blend!!

4. Starting off with white/very light colored eye shadow as a base will help to make the eye shadow color  show through, especially with brands that dont really gear to different skin tones.

But annyway, without further ado below are some of my faaav make-up videos to help get that kim k inspired face. I will def be rocking mineee today;)

This is the final look below:

Prettirell has a great youtube page with hundreds of downloads on make-up. I highhhly recommend subscribing to her!

Anotherr amazing amazing video that is Kim- K make up inspired is  yt3880’s “Kim Kardashian Smokey Eye” tutorial. She’s caucasian so for girls of color there will be some adjustments to make for your own application.Howwever, the transformation is amazing to watch and she has her technique dowwwn, really changed the way I do my glam looks, plus I loveee this girls personality! “Put Jesus Down”lolol.

This is the final look:

Smokey Eye a la Kim K

yt3880 is hilaarious and her make-up videos deliver. Flawless flawless, and great for learning new techniques.  Subscribe subscribe!!

Kim also has her own makeup videos as well, which I find useful technique wise but honestly  I prefer to watch prettirell and yt3880 because they are doin the damn thing without a make-up artist in tow:


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