I Heart Louboutin! Mary Jane Edition;)

Beyonce rocking the Christian Louboutin Mary Jane

Sooo this whole week I have been bombarded on the dailyyy with pics of beyonce gallavanting around Europe with her hubby.  Homegirl is doing the damn thang and one thing I cannot deny is that her shoe game has been particularrrly on point as of late. Christian Louboutin heels have been the diva shoe of the day for some time now and I have definitley fallen for their charms. Alot of celebs have been stepping out in the Christian Louboutin Lady Super Platform Mary Jane Pumps and I def will be getting myself some…knock..off..versions..and painting the soles red..lol. JOKE.

These shoes are a great bday treat and mine is around the corner soo I may just have to put them on my wishlist.

Monica in the python versions..lovee this look.

This shoe has a sky-high heel, 6.5 inches to be exaact,  with a hidden platform and is just fab all around. I’m loving them for the summer, with  cuffed shorts/jeans/fitted skirt and a jacket/blouse/tank, a great look for martini night with ur girls or date night with your boooo.

They also would go great with any dress, skirt & blouse/jean/legging combo, baasically anything!! I just love how the plain old mary jane style has been glamified with the hidden platform, that is soo louboutin! And yes these shoes have been on the scene for ages and some may consider them played out, but HEY, they make your legs look amaaazing, and they are sexy, we all could do with a little moree platform in our lives!!?

Miss gymspiration herself, J.Hud rocking the mary jane's on 106 & Park

Kim K rocking them with a cute skirt and blouse combo.

Diamond formerly of Crime Mob(..and no that is not supposed to mean anything, LOL, jooke..sort of..) with Mary Jane's..p.s SOULJA BOY, wtf is going on with ur hair my dude?! P.P.S What is all this TOMFOOLERY going on around the fabness..i can't deal..

Kim with Mary Jane's AGAIN...I can't hate, the make-up is flawwless. I'm loving these shoes with a flirty dress!

Trina has rocked them as well paired with a herve leger dress...on a side note doesn't diamond look like her bootlegg version?!lolol, sorry that was mean..

*sigh* I may be posting a series of louboutinlust posts soon…juuust a heads-up.


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