Miss Girlfriends!? Well Tracee Ellis Ross is bizaackk!!

Tracee Ellis Ross. TOO. MUCH. FAB, love her.

Sooo back in the day Girlfriends was MYY showw, so when I heard that Tracee Ellis Ross  aka “Joan” was heading back to television for a new BET series I was ready to countdowwn the days. BET recently announced their fall line-up, and with that came the fab news that Tracee will be staring in a new original series. Now I’m hoping BET will not mess this ish up like they have done with some shows of laate.. cough cough, THE GAME, cough.  Annyway, the show is called *Reed Between the Lines* and Tracee will be playing psychiatrist, Dr. Carla Reed.Reed Between the Lines, BET fall line-up
The show is about her as a mom juggling work and home life with her husband who is an english teacher and played by Malcolm Jamal Warner.  Malcolm was theo from The Cosby Show, another one of my alllll-time fav sitcoms! These characters sound like their gonna have some intelligence and substance, thankkk the lord!
Alot of  great shows have come out over the years but none have captured the chemistry, fabness and fun of girlfriends that I adore. Since I can’t hope on girlfriends and my faav cast coming back anytime soon, having Tracee return back to TV land is goood enough for mee!
Just a little throwww-back;)

Theo from Cosby Show

Girflriend's...MY GIRRLS THROUGH THICK & THIN. I know the words STILLLL..love this show for life.


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