If you don't vote, don't complaiiin. It's election day

So it’s been a crazy busy monday, lots of fab posts in check for this week, but I wanted to take a break from the regularly scheduled programming to tell all my Canadian readers to get out there and vote today!!

 Not sure where to go or what to do? I got youu! Check out www.elections.ca , its simple and easy to find out where to vote in your area, what and what to bring. 

Still unsure about the candidates? Want to look over the stances the parties have on a certain issue, below is a great link to CBC and their politics page, on the right side there are images of the candidates that you can click and get details about. http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/canadavotes2011/

 Polls don’t close until 9, so you still have some time to look over your options, ask around, google, do your own research! 

As someone who studied political science in university I feel it’s oh so necessary to take this opportunity to tell all my fellow young people to get out to your local polling station and vote.  My young men, and women, ESPECIALLYY my minority young men and women, let’s prove the statistics wrong and come out today and participate. Yes, I know, american politics is oh so much more interesting and yes you don’t like the candidates and you hate the government and you hate the system and blah blah blah. Stop talking about it and be about it! You live in this country, atleast take charge and stop letting other people speak for you. 

Like some people say, If you don’t vote, don’t complain.. And that is my public service announcement of the day…I’m off to the polls y’all!

Mariah Carey does it too;)I mean if Mariah can do it, you can to..preferably not dressed like a 12 year old though..LOL, jkk. The image was only fitting since she's been all up in the news having just had her twins!


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