L.A.M.B 2011 Shoe Collection:)I’m in loveee

Gwen Stefani at Teen Vogue
Gwen Stefani rocking the L.A.M.B Caitlyn suede wedge during an interviewed with Tavi Richardson.
While on the hunt at my local winners I stumbled upon the most gorrrrg shoes, I tried them on and fell in love, they made my legs look amazing andd they were supercomfy. I checked out the label and was suprised to find they were L.A.M.B. so I went on the internet to see what other great pieces she has in the 2011 collection and I officially want them ALLLLL.
The collection is a great mix of  simple with  rugged textures and lots of height and  platform bases, loveeee! My bday is not tooo far away and L.A.M.B will defff be on my wishlist! Below are a few of my favoritess…

L.A.M.B Caitlyn Suede Wedge- featured in Rose. $375.00


Gwen Stefani in L.A.M.B 2011


L.A.M.B Caitlyn suede wedge in Black

L.A.M.B Caitlyn suede wedge in Black

The shoes that I saw at Winners were the L.A.M.B crepe peep-toe booties. I adore the mesh accented with the leather straps, and the zipper at the back makes them super comfy. I WILL have these shoes, mark my words.  I tried on the black and they looked a.m.a.z.i.n.g. My leggings and tshirt were instantly glammed up, plus i can just see myself with these a fitted dress in the club.

L.A.M.B Crepe peep-toe booties. Retail at $365.00. Saw them at winners for $210.00!!!?


L.A.M.B Charisma - Love the rugged yet sexy look of the wooden platfrom hill. 375 CAD.


I found a huge selection for the L.A.M.B collection available at www.heels.com
*Not the greatest deals but they do have occasional sales and ship to canada and other countries outside the U.S.A for all my international readers.

www.polyvore.com has a great price in CAD on a lot of the L.A.M.B shoes

If you watch basketball wives, Evelyn Lozada’s store, Dulce Shoes, also has a few L.A.M.B heels available for sale. 


P.S. For all you BB Wives fans out there get ready for some upcoming posts on my faaav reality show!

L.A.M.B Spring 2011 runway.

L.A.M.B models wearing charisma on the right & kapono wedge on the left.L.A.M.B Kapono wedge


L.A.M.B Kapono wedge. 310 CAD at polyvore.com

These shoes are uber comfy and check out your local winners and online for sales. I’ll keep my out too, you know thatgirlx has your back!

A little out of your price range? Well get ready for the post of all posts with my dish on the sickest and cheapest shoe store on the planet right now, and they are located all over the GTA. I went in with 30 dollars and came out with 3 pairs of gorgeous heels that full price would have come to over 200 bucks..Yess, it is THAAT GOOD.
Stay tuned!

One thought on “L.A.M.B 2011 Shoe Collection:)I’m in loveee

  1. love this blog! i also love the layout and typeface you used.
    great feature on the l.am.b 2011 shoe collection. my personal fav is the crepe peep-toe booties! what’s yours?

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    If you are interested, please email me back at annettewong@atomicreach.com



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