Do you Fish? Adventures into the world of

Beyonce and Jigga creating their profiles;)

Wednesday’s have now been officially tagged as “date-night” by Milestones restaurants, so today is definitley the  perrfect time to debut a dating series which the thatgirlx team has had in development from some timeee.
So much talk goes on about online dating and alot of people have been fronting that they do not do it or are too scared to try it buuut when we hit up the streets of the GTA and talked with young men and women a verryyy high percentage admitted having used, looked through or atleast created an account on the website  called..  …so without furtherr ado, check below !

Plenty of Fish

Dating Chronicles of Plenty of Fish: Five Do’s and Don’ts
Online dating may not be the most conventional way to meet someone but it can be one of the most successful ways…so I hear! I was a little hesitant when friends of mine recommended that I try online dating (life is just too busy to meet people the old-fashioned way) but I created a profile a couple days ago anyways…and it’s actually starting to grow on me! I’m going to test the site out and update you guys, give you pointers and let you know about my experience…basically…I’m your little guinea pig! is where I decided to start off. Only because it seems extremely popular, so I figured I’d have a little more variety in the type of men on the site. Also, it doesn’t seem as intense as a site like eharmony where most people are looking for a serious relationship. In the end, online dating is all the same, regardless of the site you use, you should be able to get something out of my experience!

Creating a profile for a dating website can be hard because you want to say the right things to ensure you actually attract people but at the same time, you don’t want to come off as anything but yourself. Here’s a list of some of the do’s and don’ts I came across when creating my profile and creeping the profiles of others!

Remember "Hell Date" on BET..well let's try to avoid being like those contestants and keep the crazy to a minimum..

1. Keep it short and simple! Don’t write an entire essay and at the same time you don’t want it too be TOO short. The longer your profile, the higher the chance that nobody will read it. You’ll come off far too picky and people are just far too lazy to read 5 paragraphs on what kind of person you are and what you’re looking for. If it’s too short and shows zero personality, you’ll quickly be overlooked. I’d recommend 3-4 sentences, a quick line about you, why you’re on the site and what you’re looking for…all you need! Trust me, men are extremely brave when it comes to interacting online, if they want to know anything more about you, they definitely won’t hesitate to ask

2.  Let your personality shine! It seems like writing a quick description about yourself would be easy but it can be difficult because one little phrase or choice of wording can really effect what people will think about you. Here’s an example. When I first created an online dating profile months ago, I stated “I was just looking for a fun time and I’m open to anything!”. In my head, I thought that showed how easy going I am. In a man’s head…that really translates to…”i’m promiscuous and I’m down to do the nastyyy!”. All the sexual invitations I received in my inbox led me to delete my profile 24 hours later thinking all guys on these sites are dogs. Take the time to write out your description, choose your words wisely, and as cliché as it sounds…be yourself and you’ll attract the exact type of guy that you want to!

This is the reaction you will get when you use that pic you have from 20 pounds lighter and 5 years ago and then you and your date yourself!

            3. Click Click FLASH! When it asks you to post pictures, it seems common sense that people would post RECENT photos. But that’s clearly not the case. There’s nothing wrong with picking out your best photos…that’s the benefit of these online sites. You don’t have to worry about running into someone you’re attracted to on your bad hair day. Pick your best photos, but make sure they actually look like you! I’ve come across many profiles where the guy looks like 4 completely different people, it’s confusing and it just throws you off. Consistency is key!
            4. Be straight up! On these sites you have to put in what you’re looking for, whether it’s dating, friendship, a long term relationship, or really just someone to fool around with. Be honest and make sure you make it clear what you want. With online dating you don’t have to waste your time dating someone and realizing your both on a completely different page. So save yourself and everybody else some time by stating what you really and truly want. Regardless of what it is there’s going to be someone else on there looking for the same thing. If one night stands are your thing or you’re searching for your own prince charming, be clear about it, there’s nothing wrong with getting exactly what you’re looking for! 

Harlem Heights date, remember that show!?

        5. Be confident! Everybody can agree that confidence is extremely sexy. If you’re a female and you’re on a dating site, you really don’t have to do much searching, the messages will start flowing in and all you need to do is sit down, filter through them and make your picks! BUT if you like to be more proactive and you come across somebody you’re interested in…do not message them anything that shows even a tiny little bit of insecurity. I’ve received messages where men will say something along the lines of how they don’t even expect a reply from me and how they think they’re way out of my league. The profile was intriguing and I was attracted to the men in the pictures but as soon as they show that insecurity, they practically killed it for themselves You’re really ruining it for yourself before the other person even gets a chance to talk to you. Keep your insecurities hidden, nobody needs to know about them!

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