Subway free breakfast

Freeee food. NO COUPON!

Soo, I’ve been gone for a minute developping some new projects, but I just had to take a break from my mini-hiatus to share this good newws! This Tuesday May 31, 2011 is officially fuhree breakfast day at Subway restaurants.

How does this work?

From 7am to 10am you will receive a free ham and cheese egg muffin melt and a 12 oz Seattle’s best coffee.

Starting a new work week is womp womp enough, so now that we have made it through Monday lets celebrate some free food for Tuesdayy.

Few more days till the weekend y’all!

Keep checking back for new posts, this week is all about keeping fab for the sumer and I will be posting DAILYY, with everything from getting things right & tight for the summer to how to perfect the summer vixen look, aaand the perfect shows to watch when ur in that summer bummyy mood, lol!

Buuut first things first..Don’t forget your free breakfast!!


5 dollah, 5 dollah, 5 dollah foot lawwwngg... that ish is catchy, do not liee!?

P.S. While we are on the topic of subway, I just want to give a shout-out to the 5 dollah foot long! All my working professionals on a budget you know what it is!

Breakyyy flatbread

P.P.S ¬†sPEAKING OF SUBWAY breakast. Have you eveer tried their flat bread omeltte breakfasts?! It’s like basically the same price as a mcdonalds or tim hortons breakfast sandwich, buut it comes with egg in a flat bread, you can also add meat, and then you get to pick ur veggies and cheese and they put it all together. Magicc! It is deliciouuuuus, straight-up no chaser.


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