Nail Inspirationnn a la Dominique Renee!

Dominique Renee Nails

Long, short, medium, whatever your flavor, the colors and designs that you rock on your nails can really say alot about ur style.

I stumbled upon the amaaaazing nail art of Dominique Renee one day while browsing the internet for designs and I just had to share. Tooo.FAB! I am loving the creativity. Who would have thought, nails w/goldchains would be possible!?  And glue-ons at that!? I need some of these for 2011!!

I went to Noir Nail Bar in Liberty Village a few months ago and received their amaaazing V.I.P mani & pedi treatment but when the time came to get my nail polish I had nooo clue what to do. I didnt even knoww where to start to find ideas and inspiration, so I will def be going back in the next few weeks with some dominique renee inspired ideas!

Dominique Renee Nails

Dominique Renee Nails> //

I am inspired and…

1. I am looooving the slanted tip, sick sick sick.

2. I neeeed chains in my life, particularly on my nails. I’m thinking a trip to my local craft store, and some serious glue may be the way..and of course some dominique renee purchases! I’ll keep you posted!

3. I want white with black diagonal stripes,NOWWWWW. Since I am somewhat nail polish challenge, I do believe this will be the most realistic thing I can do.

Dominique Renee- Pink pinkyy accent nail, loveeit!

4. It is all about the accent nail. Chic & simple, have one nail with its own unique design and that the four others in a uniform style. Even if your just doing plain colors,why not try 4 hot pink and 1 random white nail?!

Orrr all white nail, and one black diagonal striped!? Inspiraaation

Dominique Renee- Cheetah>

This summer is allll about the little touches, from the right earrings to the funky sandals, wedges and rompers, but one thing that really can bring your whole look together and put you and fab girl status is your nails.

Dominique Renee Nails

Dominique Renee Nails

Check out Dominique Renee’s website to buy her glue-on designs!

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