BET Awards 2011. Miss Keri Washington schooled everyone on what Red Carpet looks like! Love this citrus Micheal Kors dress..

Soo the 2011 BET awards were last night, and of course I had to come out of hiatus and post on some of the looks of the red carpet and the show. Now first, I have to say, the red carpet looks were such a yawn yawn situation for me, def a bit of dissapointment!

Lala Vasquez looking fierce.Love the high bun. Simple look, club look # 3..

When I think award show I think fabulousness, glamourr, larrge and in charge…what did I get?! Great club or night on the town looks, and a couple of gowns thrown in the mix.  I knoww it’s not supposed to be a super dressy event, but walk down peter and richmond on a club night or yonge street on a fashionable day and it seems like all the same ish..

Keke Palmer

The red carpet was def sexy, however I feel like the whole dress code was a tad confused. We have people rocking floor-length gowns, and others in skin tight body-suits? BET let’s start issuing and ENFORCING a strict dress code please..

Maybe it was just me, but I would easily rock alot of these looks to the club, some people were not screaming red carpet, but they did look fab nonetheless.

Check out the pics beloww..also watch out for a post on the MEN’s looks tomorroww..

EVE at the BET awards

Miss E.V.E..fierce.

This doesn’t say award show to me, but it’s a great outfit anyway. Def going on my club outfit list, preferably for the fall, that literally looks like ur body would be a hoot mess.  Love the boots, love the vest, adorre the make-up, especially the lashes. The side braid is turning into thee hot look for the summer, get on it ladiess.

Toccara Jones in a teal sparkling dress..bling blow indeed

Platform peep-toe pumps are the truuuth, an okayy look for tocarra, not a huge fan of the bottom of the dress, something seems a bit off, but love love the shoes. Another look for the club, I want a sparkling dress..

Alicia Keys in a white blazer and black & white pumps..club look #14....

Love the Christian Louboutin Daffodil zebra print platform pumps!  Again not really red carpet, def more clubbing or lounge, enjoying the white blazer..the side braid also makes a reappearance.

Traci Ellis Ross in a sexy long sleeved mini dress

Sexy look from Miss. Ross. I feel like alot of the looks of the night were just very safe, this is def another look I will be rocking for club night #28.. I love the red louboutin’s, the long sleeved mesh dress is hot, love the curly pony!

Black evening Gown, w/ a great red lip. Pretty

Soo..this is why dress codes should be enforced. Tracee was coming with me to some club on peter and richmond and Meagan was going to the Oscars.. The dress is nice, but could have been accessorized better, something is missing..

Ashanti in satin turquoise evening gown

Many people are not aware, but I am the biiiggest Ashanti fan. I will break into a Rain on Me hand on the head pose anytime of the dayyy! Def looks amazing in this satin evening gown. Not feeling that topsy turvy hair situation..

The sexiest family of the show. Love the gold sequin tank on jada pinkett smith.

Keri Hilson going on the way to the mall...

Love the purple and the necklace, the harem pants are cute too. But my local H & M sales associates comes harder than this..come on Keri!

Tiffany Greene

Who really is Tiffany Greene? Cute look, club look too, but side eye to the barbie necklace..

Miss Teen USA Kamie Crawford kept the sequins alivee

One of my fav looks of the night comes from Miss Teen USA! She’s a pageant queen so of course she had to bring the sparkle! One of my fav looks of the night, and with legit celebs all around that is a sad sad thing..

Kelly Rowland in a cute floral dress.

This women has the sexiest skin and the sickest legs! Love her cute open toe cut-out pumps.The cocktail dress with the floral cascading down was cute too.  Why is her wig 20 bucks tho!?

Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose...WTF..I'm guessing they stopped to make an appearance before heading to battle..Amber, body suit?! Amberrr

Mary J. Blige...

The queen of R & B, such a wonderful person. This outfit..no comment. The white shoes with the beige dress, with the neck brace built in..but you know what, Mary J. can do whateverr she wants, diva pass.

Miss Minaj..I feel like she ran into forever 21 and was told to put on as many pieces as she could and leave for BET asap..cute bob.

This look would have been sooo fab if she had removed the leggings and the boots and switched it for some nude louboutin’s, buut that would also be a bit yawn yawn..

Letoya Luckett in a fab mini dress w/ louboutin's, hot hot! One of my faav looks. Love her!

Teairra Mari looking H.A.M. I'm sorry I will call her out..this looks like something from victoria secret catalog p.10..DO BETTER!

Rocsi stopping at the show before heading to the Skating With the Stars..cute shoes tho!

Andd I left the best for last! I would have never ever even checked for Diamond or Angel Lola Luv, but tell me how they came and delivered with what I think are the two hotest looks of the night!

Diamond with what I have to say is my absolute favirote look of the night! Adore the white, love the hair, and will be posting on the shoes!

Angel Lola in a beautiful abstract mini dress. I'm so glad she put the video ho look aside, covered up and looking sexier than ever!


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