Hot in Toronto!? Free Gourmet Gelato!

So today it is supposed to hit 40 degrees celsius, and in case you are not temperature savvy, that means it is going to be HOT.AS.HELLLLLL. Tomorrow and basically the next few days will be the same, sooo I had to share this sick deal.

Fabfind is by far one of my fav online deal websites, why? Because they really give you want you need, and they actuaally have FREEE ish sometimes. Today’s deal is the best one everrr, FREEE GOURMET GELATO from the downtown tdot davisville or Cumberaland locations of Gelato Simply Italian !!

“Gelato Simply Italian”- Toronto, ON

So beautiful people of Toronto, go out and print your coupon and get COOL this week! It is oh so necessarry!!

P.S. We have a truckload of caribana oriented posts coming your away, last-minute parade make-up tips, outfit tips, party tips, jewelerry & hotel tips. We have been overwhelmed with promo requests, and are narrowing down our final contenders, if you think you have the hottest bana tip hit us up, we might slip you in the cut, if your thaaat good!

P.P.S  I have been on a little hiatus in development on the thatgirlx brand and expansion. The site has been so much more successful than I ever imagined, it has taken a moment to adjust, thank you to all the people who hit us up and support, we appreciate it and we will be coming at youu with  some hot ish soon!



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