New Years Eve 2011 Looks- Glitter smokey eye, grecian plaits, Kim K waves and more

A great dress and fab shoes are the basics for a fabulous New Years Eve outfit, but the element that really takes someone from regular chick to THATGIRLX status is makeup, hairr, and did I mention  makeup!!

NYE Eye Looks

In my opinion staple NYE make-up looks are a dark smokey eye if the outfit is loud, such as a sequin dress, OR if your relying on your make-up for the wow factor I think a fun look is a glitterry shadow or liner. An entirely seperate post will be coming later today with details on LASHES LASHES and more lashes. This is a staple for any glamorous look and thatgirlx will be bringing you our favorite cheap lash picks and youtube tutorials and how to finally put those things on without cursing out the world and dropping them in the sink;)

Looking through the absolutely fabulous  make-up blog by the amazing Miss Chriss :  below are some of our favirote make-up looks from her website that we think would be great for NYE.

1. Glitter shadow

Make up by Miss Chriss at

How stunning is this black glittery smokey eye!? Check out Miss Chriss’  website for details on the make-up used for this look:

We also scoured youtube for some great tutorials on applying your glitter shadow and below are two of my absolute favs. If you have not subscribed to these ladies you need to do it right now. Like RIGHT NOW, like stop scrolling down the page and go.and.subscribe. If your a chocolate or darker skinned girl it these ladies are great because they are working with colors that will WORK FOR YOU!

Glitter eyes with lilpumpkinpie05


Another glitter eye tutorial with a plum/cranberry crease with beautybyjj

Miss Chriss ‘Retro Pin-Up Look”

Miss Chriss "Retro pin-up look" on

Another alternative to a full lid of gitter is glitter liner on the lower lash line with a smokey eye.

For all you make-up beginners this would be an easy look to pull off for new years. Glitter shadow on the lid and glitter liner on the bottom of the eyes, or glitter shadow carefully applied with one of your smaller shadow brush. Finish off the look with some liquid liner and you are good to gooo!

Red lips are also a great look.

The Smokey Eye

We searched youtube farr and wide for a great and easy make-up tutorial and while hunting we stumbled on the page of makeupbyeman for this great tutorial below. She uses some black, and brown shadows to create a fantastic look for new years. Pair with a nude or light pink lip. This also looks like something that will work great for all skin tones, and she has a great technique!

Smokey Eyes

Click the link to go to the youtube video and SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE!

Silver Make-up Looks

If you don’t have some glitter shadow on hand, try silver shadow on your lid with a dark grey and black shadow in your crease area instead.

2. Fabulous Hair Inspiration

A regal updo,  straight & sleek, swide-swept hair or romantic curls/waves are perfect looks for NYE. Check out the ideas below. xoxo

The Grecian Plait.

Stunning and simple the grecian plait is a perfect hairstyle to top-up your NYE look and below is a fantastic youtube tutorial on how to fake this look, by parting your hair in the center with a low ponytail and adding a using braided extension hair to place on top.

Another great classic is Straight & Sleek, if you have the length blow dry and flat iron away or head to your local beauty supply for one or two packs of yaki relaxed. If the look is only for one night, purchase a bag of their sew-in clips and using a thread and needle sew some clips into the track.

For something extra glamorous, try an off the center part with hair swept to the side. Straighten top portions of hair and only use a curling iron on the a few of the bottom strands to creat this look.

Below is a hair tutorial by the wonderful beautybyjj on how to achieve this look


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