New Years Eve Glam- How to Apply Fake Lashes

eva longoria glitter make-up

A long and full lash is the perfect way to top an extra glamorous make-up look, but application and choosing which one to go with can be pretty tricky.

For the best tips, we went to the eyelash gurus at for some how-to lash info.

What to buy: A great glamorous but natural looking, and budget-friendly lash that is perfectt for NYE  is the ARDELL #117 lash.

They are usually sold at most drugstores, walmart, and shoppers and go from 4-6 bucks.  Pick-up some duo lash glue for application, its a great adhesive that will last a long time.

Tips & Tricks:

1. Practice makes perfect:

Remember the first time you tried to put on eyeliner and it was crooked,and all overrr your lid? Well after many raccoon eye mishaps its safe to say your now a pro at winging them thangs. The same goes for lashes, the first few times some of the ladies here at the thatgirlx team tried lashes they fell into the sink or they fell off 3 minutes later, but after a week or two of tries we are all false lash application machines.

2. Tweezers : Those eyelash strips are tiny and almost impossible to hold onto with your fingers so to make sure you have a strong hold on ’em, grab a pair of tweezers. Its a great help when trying to place your lashes above your natural ones.

3. Glue:When applying glue, less is more, you dont want to put too much, just a thin line. Once you have applied your glue/lash adhesive you also need to WAIT! With your tweezers gently wave your lashes back and forth so that your glue can harden slightly, or get “tacky”. This will make your glue stick better and allow your lashes to stay on longer.

4. Mascara: After your eyelashes have been applied, and given time to dry, use some mascara to really make them pop and also to ensure that the falsies are perfectly blended with your real ones.

5. Shadow first, lashes last:  For easier shadow application, do your eye makeup first, apply your lashes, and thenn mascara and eyeliner. Eyeliner will cover up any glue excess and give the illusion of a seamless line, even if your falsies may have been applied too far away from your natural lashes.

One of our absolute faavirote youtube make-up guru’s, lilpumpkinpie05 has the perrfect tutorial for you to follow step-by-step when applying your lashes tonight! Have a fantasic time tonight! xoxo

Check out her youtube page and SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE!!

Also for reviews on lashes, glues, and where to get kim k and other celeb lashes check out our sponsors for todayy


  1. Peel of old adhesive that may make lashes “gunky”
  2. Measure the lash strip to make sure the length fits your natural lash length. (You may have to cut them).
  3. Lightly line the top of your lash line with your lash adhesive. The glue shouldn’t be on the lashes but just the strip. Make sure that you put a little extra glue on the ends. If their is too much use your finger to get some off.
  4. Don’t immediately apply the lashes after gluing. Wait 20-30 seconds for the glue to become a bit tacky.
  5. While drying, bend the lashes or curve them a bit so they can fit your natural length shape more naturally.
  6. To apply the lashes, first pull your natural lashes down so they do not get in the way.
  7. Using your finger or tweezers, bring your false lashes as close to your lash line as possible and begin bonding in the middle first. Work your way from the outer corner and bond it, and then work your way to the inner corner.
  8. Use your tweezers to get the lashes as close as possible to the lash line. You may have to slightly pull down on your false lashes to get them close.
  9. Use your finger to press down on the lashes.
  10. Messed up? Reapply some glue on the section which is not fitting or staying properly. Give some time for the glue to dry a bit before pressing down with your fingers of tweezers to bond again.
  11. Comb out your natural and false lashes so that they blend together and look more natural.
  12. Re-curl your lashes with a lash curler.
  13. Remember practice makes perfect!

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