When your outfit is blah or your hair is just not working for you, accessorizing your head can be the perfect way to take your look from FAB to DRAB. This season I’m trying to test out things I’ve never done before and just push my fashion boundaries a biit so of course the first thing that came to mind was a TURBAN.

Turbans have been rocked for ages and are definitley not a new trend, if you have an African mom you have most definitely seen them rock similiar looks with their headscarves.

Check out June Ambrose’s Turban Collection below, launched in 2011. As you can see in the first pic above, Iman is rocking one of the blue ones.

But how does  an everyday chick rock this?

Well lucky for us June has a tutorial  in a past issue of Essence magazine.

I scoured YOUTUBE for a video tutorial and the one below from naturalbelle1 was great for achieving the “Regal” style featured in June’s tutorial. Her trick was to wrap her head to add some height and then get her scarf/fabric of choice and place over to achieve the turban style.

For a look similiar to the “avant-garde” one in the tutorial check out this video from Fashion Elites. SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL, IT IS FAB!

The Bottom line is that there a soooo many ways to rock a turban and it’s all about personalizing the look for you. Take this post as inspiration to get started and go out and create something fabulous!

For my natural divas use the turban to play up your fabulous texture and volume

Amber Rose looking fierce in her Turban

Chrisette michelle and June ambrose! Image from Fashion Bomb.


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