Five Fab Outfits to Inspire your Easter Look

The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and all types of fabulous is in the air, yes loviiees, its time for spring and most importantly time for Easterr!

Whether its church, lunch, brunch, whateverr, tis the season to put on your best and outshine the Rest! So here are six looks to inspire yourrr next outfit when your ripping through your closet trying to make that something old into something new, orr just heading to the mall to skip the old and buy the new, ha!



It’s like the floral brooch gave her outfit some LIFE! I think just plopping one on your blazer on your next easter dressy outing would be TOO FAB.  SJP’s look is a bit casual, but just roll with me here on the imagination train, think beautiful crisp trouser, lovely simple top, gorg blazer, and BAM, floral brooch.

LOVING THE SHOES?! Their Jean-Michel Cazabat’s ‘Elle Suede d’orsay Pumps’, retailing at $258.71
Check them out here at SHOPBOP

2.  The Pantsuit

I absolutely adore pantsuits, just that idea of being all covered up and still oozing HOT! Solange does it well adding some open toe sandals, and a shorter cut on the pant! I think a bold pant suit would be a perfect piece to rock for an Easter gathering, especially with a loud print or an even louuder color!

Lauren London does it beauuutifully, with a red Stella Mccartney smoking suit, the fit is SPOT on, the color is BOLD, the clutch the shoes, we could go on alll day! Obviously to easter it up, I would definitley close up a few buttons on the shirt, lol, fabulous nonetheless!

3. The Maxi Dress


When I think maxi dress, I think SUMMER, breeze, beach, casual.

Buut, then I saw Christina Milian in this French Connection  Sheer Overlay Halter Maxi Dress, and I.FELL. IN.LOVE. I think this would be sooo perfect for a dressy Easter event, especially church! It’s conservative without being stuffy, and that beautiful light fabric, paired with done up hair and make up takes it from casual to a whole other level of fabulous!

Want this EXACT dress?! It retails at $285.41, and you can Buy it here from Nordstrom!

4. Skirt it up, Skirt it up


This look is quintessential Easter in my opinon, I juust LOVE!   A fab skirt with a bit of poof to it, a simple top, a little bit of waist actiooon, and simple pieces of jewelry.

Adrienne Bailon rocked a black leather trim tank, with this beauuuuutiful organza tulle to the “Skirts Only”  fashion show in NYC (hosted by Procter & Gamble’s Orgullosa program — an initiative created to celebrate, empower and fuel Latina accomplishments and dreams) and it is just flawless. Maybe its time to put the pencil skirt down, back away, and take out  a different skirt you have in the closet, pair with a gold cuff and bangles, let your hair down, and skirt it up skirt it uuup.

5. Black & White

Of course Easter just isn’t Easter without some WHITE, it is a day of celebration and joy of course!   I think doing an all black & white look is just FAB, its simple, it’s classic, it’s a fashion trend for spring 2013, I mean need I go on? Tracee Ellis Ross above does it perfeeectly, all you need is a great trouser, and a simple white top.

So with that I close the post, and leave you with some beautiful black & white looks.

-Stay beautiful, stay loving!xo

Tika Sumter. I think this look works because even though it is fitted, it goes farr past the knee, conservative poitns!lol. Oh and I was going to try crop romeo from the background and then I thought, WHY the heck not, LOL.


Alicia Keys at the Edun Spring 2013 fashion show. A white blouse, and pants go a long way, love it!


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