Home: Toronto (ish)

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Nationality: Ghana

For ages I wanted to start a blog, I would alway see things and think in my head “OMG, that was helpful” or “so and so would love that?!” but alas there was no where for me to place it. So after all that time spent thinking about it, I decided I should really just go BE about it. I mean I  used to spend hours online trying to find information on make-up or hair and I always wished there was a space where I could share everything that I’ve found or was on the look-out for!

Herrre is that space. I’m not a professional and I’m not going to pretend to be, this is all a work in progress, and I love it.

When researching (a.k.a scavening google for any blogging tips) alot of sources suggested to stick to one topic in order to keep yourself focused. Unfortunately, I’ve always been that kind of “all over the place” girl, soo I couldn’t just stick to oneeee topic. What is this blog about?

Everything that I think about it on a daily basis. Hair,fashion, food, movies, music, celebs, money etc.

I want to do it all. From writing reviews on restaurants I eat at with my girls, to random things like my fav make-up & hair youtube tutorials. Check check check me ouuut;)

e-mail: lovethatgirlx@gmail.com


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