YES. I know. I’m a little bit late to the playground with this one, but I just HAD to. And of COURSE you know exactly who I have to start with….

KING BEY (Beyoncé Knowles) 

From the side ponytail, to the bronze effortless glowy sexiness, to the toned curves to the nude heels, to the…I just have to stop. Beyonce is BEAUTIFUL, such a “thatgirlx!

She might as well change her name to Elegance. Everything this women does is just CLASS, and I love love love this look. The cape and the braided ponytail, YES!

People can chat all they want, but credit needs to be given when it’s due. Kim KILLED it with this. The curves are on fire and I think she looked stunning. The pulled back ponytail was the perfect choice and we don’t even need to discuss how her make-up was FLAW.LESS (as per usual), and that TRAIN!? Stunning.


And just because I HAD to…SERVE.IT. BEY


Five Fab Outfits to Inspire your Easter Look

The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and all types of fabulous is in the air, yes loviiees, its time for spring and most importantly time for Easterr!

Whether its church, lunch, brunch, whateverr, tis the season to put on your best and outshine the Rest! So here are six looks to inspire yourrr next outfit when your ripping through your closet trying to make that something old into something new, orr just heading to the mall to skip the old and buy the new, ha!



It’s like the floral brooch gave her outfit some LIFE! I think just plopping one on your blazer on your next easter dressy outing would be TOO FAB.  SJP’s look is a bit casual, but just roll with me here on the imagination train, think beautiful crisp trouser, lovely simple top, gorg blazer, and BAM, floral brooch.

LOVING THE SHOES?! Their Jean-Michel Cazabat’s ‘Elle Suede d’orsay Pumps’, retailing at $258.71
Check them out here at SHOPBOP

2.  The Pantsuit

I absolutely adore pantsuits, just that idea of being all covered up and still oozing HOT! Solange does it well adding some open toe sandals, and a shorter cut on the pant! I think a bold pant suit would be a perfect piece to rock for an Easter gathering, especially with a loud print or an even louuder color!

Lauren London does it beauuutifully, with a red Stella Mccartney smoking suit, the fit is SPOT on, the color is BOLD, the clutch the shoes, we could go on alll day! Obviously to easter it up, I would definitley close up a few buttons on the shirt, lol, fabulous nonetheless!

3. The Maxi Dress


When I think maxi dress, I think SUMMER, breeze, beach, casual.

Buut, then I saw Christina Milian in this French Connection  Sheer Overlay Halter Maxi Dress, and I.FELL. IN.LOVE. I think this would be sooo perfect for a dressy Easter event, especially church! It’s conservative without being stuffy, and that beautiful light fabric, paired with done up hair and make up takes it from casual to a whole other level of fabulous!

Want this EXACT dress?! It retails at $285.41, and you can Buy it here from Nordstrom!

4. Skirt it up, Skirt it up


This look is quintessential Easter in my opinon, I juust LOVE!   A fab skirt with a bit of poof to it, a simple top, a little bit of waist actiooon, and simple pieces of jewelry.

Adrienne Bailon rocked a black leather trim tank, with this beauuuuutiful organza tulle to the “Skirts Only”  fashion show in NYC (hosted by Procter & Gamble’s Orgullosa program — an initiative created to celebrate, empower and fuel Latina accomplishments and dreams) and it is just flawless. Maybe its time to put the pencil skirt down, back away, and take out  a different skirt you have in the closet, pair with a gold cuff and bangles, let your hair down, and skirt it up skirt it uuup.

5. Black & White

Of course Easter just isn’t Easter without some WHITE, it is a day of celebration and joy of course!   I think doing an all black & white look is just FAB, its simple, it’s classic, it’s a fashion trend for spring 2013, I mean need I go on? Tracee Ellis Ross above does it perfeeectly, all you need is a great trouser, and a simple white top.

So with that I close the post, and leave you with some beautiful black & white looks.

-Stay beautiful, stay loving!xo

Tika Sumter. I think this look works because even though it is fitted, it goes farr past the knee, conservative poitns!lol. Oh and I was going to try crop romeo from the background and then I thought, WHY the heck not, LOL.


Alicia Keys at the Edun Spring 2013 fashion show. A white blouse, and pants go a long way, love it!



When your outfit is blah or your hair is just not working for you, accessorizing your head can be the perfect way to take your look from FAB to DRAB. This season I’m trying to test out things I’ve never done before and just push my fashion boundaries a biit so of course the first thing that came to mind was a TURBAN.

Turbans have been rocked for ages and are definitley not a new trend, if you have an African mom you have most definitely seen them rock similiar looks with their headscarves.

Check out June Ambrose’s Turban Collection below, launched in 2011. As you can see in the first pic above, Iman is rocking one of the blue ones.

But how does  an everyday chick rock this?

Well lucky for us June has a tutorial  in a past issue of Essence magazine.

I scoured YOUTUBE for a video tutorial and the one below from naturalbelle1 was great for achieving the “Regal” style featured in June’s tutorial. Her trick was to wrap her head to add some height and then get her scarf/fabric of choice and place over to achieve the turban style.

For a look similiar to the “avant-garde” one in the tutorial check out this video from Fashion Elites. SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL, IT IS FAB!

The Bottom line is that there a soooo many ways to rock a turban and it’s all about personalizing the look for you. Take this post as inspiration to get started and go out and create something fabulous!

For my natural divas use the turban to play up your fabulous texture and volume

Amber Rose looking fierce in her Turban

Chrisette michelle and June ambrose! Image from Fashion Bomb.


New Years Eve 2011 Look- Glitter, Glitz, and Sequins

Ciara in black sequins

Ciara working a Bailman Paillette sequin mini-dress( $13,395- YIKES!?)

Soooo just like that 2011 has flown by, and after stuffing our faces with holiday treats and engaging in some boxing day foolery, the time has come to take on New Years Eve. With just a few days to go, thatgirlx is here with some ideas on what to do with your new years look.

NYE 2011 should be about glitz and glamor. Bring out the lashes, bring out the glitter, bring out the shine, because if you can’t do it on NYE when else hunny!? Below are some outfit ideas, and another post will be coming with looks on make-up and hair  to glam you up to the fulllest.

Sequin & Glitter

One of my favorite looks for 2011 was sequins, glitter and any type of shine, especially whenn its short and longsleeved.  So here is NYE vision number one. Long sleeved sequin dress, platform pump, loose waves and some fab accessories, who gon check me boo!?

Kim Kardashian sequin mini dress

Kim K works it ouut. Check out a budget friendly version beloww with pieces from Aldo, and Forever XXI.

Open toe pumps: Monville- Aldo on sale online for $31.49

Long sleeved sequin mini-dress OR one shoulder sequined mini dress: Forever XXI

Midnight Black Mariacher fur clutch: Aldo, on sale online for 24.98

Not feeling a full sequin dress?

Another way to incorporate some glitter into your look are these fab glitter open toe or round toe  pumps . I copped a pair on boxing day at Forever XXI for 19.99 and with that type of pricing you cannot go wrong!?

Glitter round-toe pumps

Sequin dresses come in all shapes, colors and sizes so check out some more looks below for inspiration. Posting soon on glitter shadow NYE make-up, and fab hair looks so stay tuuneed my puuuudd.

Sequins, Spice & Everything Nice

OMG. Hot hot hot, Mashonda rocking a custom L’impasse sequin dress. The side-swept hair, the smokey eye, the cut-out sides, yes girl!!

Lala Vazquez gold sequin dress

Gold sequins are another fantastic look for NYE. I love love this whole look on Lala Vaquez. The hair the make-up fab fab.

Keri Hilson, silver mini dress

Keri Hilson in silver sequins, another cute look.

Jennifer Williams from basketball wives also worked out the sequin look perrfectly below, in a long-sleeved sequin mini from french connection. Try some peep-toe booties instead of platform pumps to spice things up!

Super cute multi colored sequinn dress, paired with open-toe pumps.



BET Awards 2011. Miss Keri Washington schooled everyone on what Red Carpet looks like! Love this citrus Micheal Kors dress..

Soo the 2011 BET awards were last night, and of course I had to come out of hiatus and post on some of the looks of the red carpet and the show. Now first, I have to say, the red carpet looks were such a yawn yawn situation for me, def a bit of dissapointment!

Lala Vasquez looking fierce.Love the high bun. Simple look, club look # 3..

When I think award show I think fabulousness, glamourr, larrge and in charge…what did I get?! Great club or night on the town looks, and a couple of gowns thrown in the mix.  I knoww it’s not supposed to be a super dressy event, but walk down peter and richmond on a club night or yonge street on a fashionable day and it seems like all the same ish..

Keke Palmer

The red carpet was def sexy, however I feel like the whole dress code was a tad confused. We have people rocking floor-length gowns, and others in skin tight body-suits? BET let’s start issuing and ENFORCING a strict dress code please..

Maybe it was just me, but I would easily rock alot of these looks to the club, some people were not screaming red carpet, but they did look fab nonetheless.

Check out the pics beloww..also watch out for a post on the MEN’s looks tomorroww..

EVE at the BET awards

Miss E.V.E..fierce.

This doesn’t say award show to me, but it’s a great outfit anyway. Def going on my club outfit list, preferably for the fall, that literally looks like ur body would be a hoot mess.  Love the boots, love the vest, adorre the make-up, especially the lashes. The side braid is turning into thee hot look for the summer, get on it ladiess.

Toccara Jones in a teal sparkling dress..bling blow indeed

Platform peep-toe pumps are the truuuth, an okayy look for tocarra, not a huge fan of the bottom of the dress, something seems a bit off, but love love the shoes. Another look for the club, I want a sparkling dress..

Alicia Keys in a white blazer and black & white pumps..club look #14....

Love the Christian Louboutin Daffodil zebra print platform pumps!  Again not really red carpet, def more clubbing or lounge, enjoying the white blazer..the side braid also makes a reappearance.

Traci Ellis Ross in a sexy long sleeved mini dress

Sexy look from Miss. Ross. I feel like alot of the looks of the night were just very safe, this is def another look I will be rocking for club night #28.. I love the red louboutin’s, the long sleeved mesh dress is hot, love the curly pony!

Black evening Gown, w/ a great red lip. Pretty

Soo..this is why dress codes should be enforced. Tracee was coming with me to some club on peter and richmond and Meagan was going to the Oscars.. The dress is nice, but could have been accessorized better, something is missing..

Ashanti in satin turquoise evening gown

Many people are not aware, but I am the biiiggest Ashanti fan. I will break into a Rain on Me hand on the head pose anytime of the dayyy! Def looks amazing in this satin evening gown. Not feeling that topsy turvy hair situation..

The sexiest family of the show. Love the gold sequin tank on jada pinkett smith.

Keri Hilson going on the way to the mall...

Love the purple and the necklace, the harem pants are cute too. But my local H & M sales associates comes harder than this..come on Keri!

Tiffany Greene

Who really is Tiffany Greene? Cute look, club look too, but side eye to the barbie necklace..

Miss Teen USA Kamie Crawford kept the sequins alivee

One of my fav looks of the night comes from Miss Teen USA! She’s a pageant queen so of course she had to bring the sparkle! One of my fav looks of the night, and with legit celebs all around that is a sad sad thing..

Kelly Rowland in a cute floral dress.

This women has the sexiest skin and the sickest legs! Love her cute open toe cut-out pumps.The cocktail dress with the floral cascading down was cute too.  Why is her wig 20 bucks tho!?

Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose...WTF..I'm guessing they stopped to make an appearance before heading to battle..Amber, body suit?! Amberrr

Mary J. Blige...

The queen of R & B, such a wonderful person. This outfit..no comment. The white shoes with the beige dress, with the neck brace built in..but you know what, Mary J. can do whateverr she wants, diva pass.

Miss Minaj..I feel like she ran into forever 21 and was told to put on as many pieces as she could and leave for BET asap..cute bob.

This look would have been sooo fab if she had removed the leggings and the boots and switched it for some nude louboutin’s, buut that would also be a bit yawn yawn..

Letoya Luckett in a fab mini dress w/ louboutin's, hot hot! One of my faav looks. Love her!

Teairra Mari looking H.A.M. I'm sorry I will call her out..this looks like something from victoria secret catalog p.10..DO BETTER!

Rocsi stopping at the show before heading to the Skating With the Stars..cute shoes tho!

Andd I left the best for last! I would have never ever even checked for Diamond or Angel Lola Luv, but tell me how they came and delivered with what I think are the two hotest looks of the night!

Diamond with what I have to say is my absolute favirote look of the night! Adore the white, love the hair, and will be posting on the shoes!

Angel Lola in a beautiful abstract mini dress. I'm so glad she put the video ho look aside, covered up and looking sexier than ever!


Nail Inspirationnn a la Dominique Renee!

Dominique Renee Nails

Long, short, medium, whatever your flavor, the colors and designs that you rock on your nails can really say alot about ur style.

I stumbled upon the amaaaazing nail art of Dominique Renee one day while browsing the internet for designs and I just had to share. Tooo.FAB! I am loving the creativity. Who would have thought, nails w/goldchains would be possible!?  And glue-ons at that!? I need some of these for 2011!!

I went to Noir Nail Bar in Liberty Village a few months ago and received their amaaazing V.I.P mani & pedi treatment but when the time came to get my nail polish I had nooo clue what to do. I didnt even knoww where to start to find ideas and inspiration, so I will def be going back in the next few weeks with some dominique renee inspired ideas!

Dominique Renee Nails

Dominique Renee Nails> //shop.dominiquerenee.com/product/eighty2wo

I am inspired and…

1. I am looooving the slanted tip, sick sick sick.

2. I neeeed chains in my life, particularly on my nails. I’m thinking a trip to my local craft store, and some serious glue may be the way..and of course some dominique renee purchases! I’ll keep you posted!

3. I want white with black diagonal stripes,NOWWWWW. Since I am somewhat nail polish challenge, I do believe this will be the most realistic thing I can do.

Dominique Renee- Pink pinkyy accent nail, loveeit!

4. It is all about the accent nail. Chic & simple, have one nail with its own unique design and that the four others in a uniform style. Even if your just doing plain colors,why not try 4 hot pink and 1 random white nail?!

Orrr all white nail, and one black diagonal striped!? Inspiraaation

Dominique Renee- Cheetah>http://shop.dominiquerenee.com/

This summer is allll about the little touches, from the right earrings to the funky sandals, wedges and rompers, but one thing that really can bring your whole look together and put you and fab girl status is your nails.

Dominique Renee Nails

Dominique Renee Nails

Check out Dominique Renee’s website to buy her glue-on designs!

L.A.M.B 2011 Shoe Collection:)I’m in loveee

Gwen Stefani at Teen Vogue
Gwen Stefani rocking the L.A.M.B Caitlyn suede wedge during an interviewed with Tavi Richardson.
While on the hunt at my local winners I stumbled upon the most gorrrrg shoes, I tried them on and fell in love, they made my legs look amazing andd they were supercomfy. I checked out the label and was suprised to find they were L.A.M.B. so I went on the internet to see what other great pieces she has in the 2011 collection and I officially want them ALLLLL.
The collection is a great mix of  simple with  rugged textures and lots of height and  platform bases, loveeee! My bday is not tooo far away and L.A.M.B will defff be on my wishlist! Below are a few of my favoritess…

L.A.M.B Caitlyn Suede Wedge- featured in Rose. $375.00


Gwen Stefani in L.A.M.B 2011


L.A.M.B Caitlyn suede wedge in Black

L.A.M.B Caitlyn suede wedge in Black

The shoes that I saw at Winners were the L.A.M.B crepe peep-toe booties. I adore the mesh accented with the leather straps, and the zipper at the back makes them super comfy. I WILL have these shoes, mark my words.  I tried on the black and they looked a.m.a.z.i.n.g. My leggings and tshirt were instantly glammed up, plus i can just see myself with these a fitted dress in the club.

L.A.M.B Crepe peep-toe booties. Retail at $365.00. Saw them at winners for $210.00!!!?


L.A.M.B Charisma - Love the rugged yet sexy look of the wooden platfrom hill. 375 CAD.


I found a huge selection for the L.A.M.B collection available at www.heels.com
*Not the greatest deals but they do have occasional sales and ship to canada and other countries outside the U.S.A for all my international readers.

www.polyvore.com has a great price in CAD on a lot of the L.A.M.B shoes

If you watch basketball wives, Evelyn Lozada’s store, Dulce Shoes, also has a few L.A.M.B heels available for sale. 


P.S. For all you BB Wives fans out there get ready for some upcoming posts on my faaav reality show!

L.A.M.B Spring 2011 runway.

L.A.M.B models wearing charisma on the right & kapono wedge on the left.L.A.M.B Kapono wedge


L.A.M.B Kapono wedge. 310 CAD at polyvore.com

These shoes are uber comfy and check out your local winners and online for sales. I’ll keep my out too, you know thatgirlx has your back!

A little out of your price range? Well get ready for the post of all posts with my dish on the sickest and cheapest shoe store on the planet right now, and they are located all over the GTA. I went in with 30 dollars and came out with 3 pairs of gorgeous heels that full price would have come to over 200 bucks..Yess, it is THAAT GOOD.
Stay tuned!