Messini's Gyro's! SO GOOD! Image/ foodjunkiechronicle.com

How you doiin beautiful people!! It is the first weekend of August and we are right in the deep of summah summah summah timee (cue the will smith!).Food, friends, family are the perfect way to end any summer and one of my fav things to do is hit up Taste of Danforth.

Taste of Danforth started Friday, August 5th and runs until Sunday August 7th!

Friday: Started at 6pm
Saturday: Starts at 11am
Sunday: Starts at 11am

“The festival goes on until restaurants close or everybody goes home!”

With the hype & energy from Caribana last weekend  I love the chill vibe of  Taste of Danforth.  If your in the city you NEED to hit it up, great thing to do with your boo, your girls, your kids, your SELF, haha.

Where is it?

Literally on the street, right on Danforth avenue. It is so easy to access via TTC.  Get in the subway and go on the bloor line (green line) and get off at pape station. Or Broadview, Chester and Donlands station. If you get in the subway just follow the crowds! lol.

Photo by Bruce K on flickr

What is it?

It’s a festival celebrating Greek food & culture right on the STREET. Typical summer festival vibe. They usually have some bands playing in the background, the street is closed down and lots of the greek restaurants have vendors out on the street selling gyros and all types of deliciousness..I dont know if that is a word, lol.   They always have companies giving away free products and its just a good time, to EAT EAT EAT! If you have never really tried greek food before, be prepared to taste a little bit of heaven and a good 5 pounds, HA!

I will catch you out there on the street, getting my GYRO onnn!

P.S. My absolute favirote place to hit up is Messini’s, find them & try their Gyros! I prooomise, you will not be dissapointed!

Taste of Danforth Entertainment

Check out the URL &  Full directions below


By Car

Greektown on Danforth is a few minutes east of the Don Valley Parkway, also called the DVP, which connects with the QEW Gardiner Expressway to the south and the 401 highway to the north. Once on the Don Valley Parkway, take the Bayview/Bloor exit, follow the signs for Bloor Street/Danforth Avenue and then travel eastbound.

By Public Transit – TTC

The Taste of the Danforth takes place along Danforth Avenue which is conveniently located on the Toronto Transit Commission’s (TTC’s) Bloor-Danforth Subway line. The event can be accessed through any of our four subway stations, Broadview, Chester, Pape and Donlands.

Please call (416)393-INFO(4636) for Schedule and fare information.

By Go Transit or Train

Union Station is the central hub of the GO system as well as VIA Rail Train System and from here you can hop on the TTC to get to the Taste of the Danforth easily by subway.


During the frestival Danforth Avenue (from Broadview to Jones Avenues) is closed to all vehicular traffic making parking more of a challenge.

There are a number of municipal public parking lots (all with Handicapped parking spaces) located within one block north and south of Danforth Avenue (Specific parking lot locations are shown on the area map.)

Parking on residential side streets during the Taste of the Danforth is extremely limited and illegally parked vehicles are vigilantly tagged and towed away.

Taking public transit is the easiest and stress free way to the festival.



Hot in Toronto!? Free Gourmet Gelato!

So today it is supposed to hit 40 degrees celsius, and in case you are not temperature savvy, that means it is going to be HOT.AS.HELLLLLL. Tomorrow and basically the next few days will be the same, sooo I had to share this sick deal.


Fabfind is by far one of my fav online deal websites, why? Because they really give you want you need, and they actuaally have FREEE ish sometimes. Today’s deal is the best one everrr, FREEE GOURMET GELATO from the downtown tdot davisville or Cumberaland locations of Gelato Simply Italian !!

“Gelato Simply Italian”- Toronto, ON

So beautiful people of Toronto, go out and print your coupon and get COOL this week! It is oh so necessarry!!

P.S. We have a truckload of caribana oriented posts coming your away, last-minute parade make-up tips, outfit tips, party tips, jewelerry & hotel tips. We have been overwhelmed with promo requests, and are narrowing down our final contenders, if you think you have the hottest bana tip hit us up, we might slip you in the cut, if your thaaat good!  lovethatgirlx@gmail.com

P.P.S  I have been on a little hiatus in development on the thatgirlx brand and expansion. The site has been so much more successful than I ever imagined, it has taken a moment to adjust, thank you to all the people who hit us up and support, we appreciate it and we will be coming at youu with  some hot ish soon!




BET Awards 2011. Miss Keri Washington schooled everyone on what Red Carpet looks like! Love this citrus Micheal Kors dress..

Soo the 2011 BET awards were last night, and of course I had to come out of hiatus and post on some of the looks of the red carpet and the show. Now first, I have to say, the red carpet looks were such a yawn yawn situation for me, def a bit of dissapointment!

Lala Vasquez looking fierce.Love the high bun. Simple look, club look # 3..

When I think award show I think fabulousness, glamourr, larrge and in charge…what did I get?! Great club or night on the town looks, and a couple of gowns thrown in the mix.  I knoww it’s not supposed to be a super dressy event, but walk down peter and richmond on a club night or yonge street on a fashionable day and it seems like all the same ish..

Keke Palmer

The red carpet was def sexy, however I feel like the whole dress code was a tad confused. We have people rocking floor-length gowns, and others in skin tight body-suits? BET let’s start issuing and ENFORCING a strict dress code please..

Maybe it was just me, but I would easily rock alot of these looks to the club, some people were not screaming red carpet, but they did look fab nonetheless.

Check out the pics beloww..also watch out for a post on the MEN’s looks tomorroww..

EVE at the BET awards

Miss E.V.E..fierce.

This doesn’t say award show to me, but it’s a great outfit anyway. Def going on my club outfit list, preferably for the fall, that literally looks like ur body would be a hoot mess.  Love the boots, love the vest, adorre the make-up, especially the lashes. The side braid is turning into thee hot look for the summer, get on it ladiess.

Toccara Jones in a teal sparkling dress..bling blow indeed

Platform peep-toe pumps are the truuuth, an okayy look for tocarra, not a huge fan of the bottom of the dress, something seems a bit off, but love love the shoes. Another look for the club, I want a sparkling dress..

Alicia Keys in a white blazer and black & white pumps..club look #14....

Love the Christian Louboutin Daffodil zebra print platform pumps!  Again not really red carpet, def more clubbing or lounge, enjoying the white blazer..the side braid also makes a reappearance.

Traci Ellis Ross in a sexy long sleeved mini dress

Sexy look from Miss. Ross. I feel like alot of the looks of the night were just very safe, this is def another look I will be rocking for club night #28.. I love the red louboutin’s, the long sleeved mesh dress is hot, love the curly pony!

Black evening Gown, w/ a great red lip. Pretty

Soo..this is why dress codes should be enforced. Tracee was coming with me to some club on peter and richmond and Meagan was going to the Oscars.. The dress is nice, but could have been accessorized better, something is missing..

Ashanti in satin turquoise evening gown

Many people are not aware, but I am the biiiggest Ashanti fan. I will break into a Rain on Me hand on the head pose anytime of the dayyy! Def looks amazing in this satin evening gown. Not feeling that topsy turvy hair situation..

The sexiest family of the show. Love the gold sequin tank on jada pinkett smith.

Keri Hilson going on the way to the mall...

Love the purple and the necklace, the harem pants are cute too. But my local H & M sales associates comes harder than this..come on Keri!

Tiffany Greene

Who really is Tiffany Greene? Cute look, club look too, but side eye to the barbie necklace..

Miss Teen USA Kamie Crawford kept the sequins alivee

One of my fav looks of the night comes from Miss Teen USA! She’s a pageant queen so of course she had to bring the sparkle! One of my fav looks of the night, and with legit celebs all around that is a sad sad thing..

Kelly Rowland in a cute floral dress.

This women has the sexiest skin and the sickest legs! Love her cute open toe cut-out pumps.The cocktail dress with the floral cascading down was cute too.  Why is her wig 20 bucks tho!?

Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose...WTF..I'm guessing they stopped to make an appearance before heading to battle..Amber, body suit?! Amberrr

Mary J. Blige...

The queen of R & B, such a wonderful person. This outfit..no comment. The white shoes with the beige dress, with the neck brace built in..but you know what, Mary J. can do whateverr she wants, diva pass.

Miss Minaj..I feel like she ran into forever 21 and was told to put on as many pieces as she could and leave for BET asap..cute bob.

This look would have been sooo fab if she had removed the leggings and the boots and switched it for some nude louboutin’s, buut that would also be a bit yawn yawn..

Letoya Luckett in a fab mini dress w/ louboutin's, hot hot! One of my faav looks. Love her!

Teairra Mari looking H.A.M. I'm sorry I will call her out..this looks like something from victoria secret catalog p.10..DO BETTER!

Rocsi stopping at the show before heading to the Skating With the Stars..cute shoes tho!

Andd I left the best for last! I would have never ever even checked for Diamond or Angel Lola Luv, but tell me how they came and delivered with what I think are the two hotest looks of the night!

Diamond with what I have to say is my absolute favirote look of the night! Adore the white, love the hair, and will be posting on the shoes!

Angel Lola in a beautiful abstract mini dress. I'm so glad she put the video ho look aside, covered up and looking sexier than ever!


Nail Inspirationnn a la Dominique Renee!

Dominique Renee Nails

Long, short, medium, whatever your flavor, the colors and designs that you rock on your nails can really say alot about ur style.

I stumbled upon the amaaaazing nail art of Dominique Renee one day while browsing the internet for designs and I just had to share. Tooo.FAB! I am loving the creativity. Who would have thought, nails w/goldchains would be possible!?  And glue-ons at that!? I need some of these for 2011!!

I went to Noir Nail Bar in Liberty Village a few months ago and received their amaaazing V.I.P mani & pedi treatment but when the time came to get my nail polish I had nooo clue what to do. I didnt even knoww where to start to find ideas and inspiration, so I will def be going back in the next few weeks with some dominique renee inspired ideas!

Dominique Renee Nails

Dominique Renee Nails> //shop.dominiquerenee.com/product/eighty2wo

I am inspired and…

1. I am looooving the slanted tip, sick sick sick.

2. I neeeed chains in my life, particularly on my nails. I’m thinking a trip to my local craft store, and some serious glue may be the way..and of course some dominique renee purchases! I’ll keep you posted!

3. I want white with black diagonal stripes,NOWWWWW. Since I am somewhat nail polish challenge, I do believe this will be the most realistic thing I can do.

Dominique Renee- Pink pinkyy accent nail, loveeit!

4. It is all about the accent nail. Chic & simple, have one nail with its own unique design and that the four others in a uniform style. Even if your just doing plain colors,why not try 4 hot pink and 1 random white nail?!

Orrr all white nail, and one black diagonal striped!? Inspiraaation

Dominique Renee- Cheetah>http://shop.dominiquerenee.com/

This summer is allll about the little touches, from the right earrings to the funky sandals, wedges and rompers, but one thing that really can bring your whole look together and put you and fab girl status is your nails.

Dominique Renee Nails

Dominique Renee Nails

Check out Dominique Renee’s website to buy her glue-on designs!


Subway free breakfast

Freeee food. NO COUPON!

Soo, I’ve been gone for a minute developping some new projects, but I just had to take a break from my mini-hiatus to share this good newws! This Tuesday May 31, 2011 is officially fuhree breakfast day at Subway restaurants.

How does this work?

From 7am to 10am you will receive a free ham and cheese egg muffin melt and a 12 oz Seattle’s best coffee.

Starting a new work week is womp womp enough, so now that we have made it through Monday lets celebrate some free food for Tuesdayy.

Few more days till the weekend y’all!

Keep checking back for new posts, this week is all about keeping fab for the sumer and I will be posting DAILYY, with everything from getting things right & tight for the summer to how to perfect the summer vixen look, aaand the perfect shows to watch when ur in that summer bummyy mood, lol!

Buuut first things first..Don’t forget your free breakfast!!


5 dollah, 5 dollah, 5 dollah foot lawwwngg... that ish is catchy, do not liee!?

P.S. While we are on the topic of subway, I just want to give a shout-out to the 5 dollah foot long! All my working professionals on a budget you know what it is!

Breakyyy flatbread

P.P.S  sPEAKING OF SUBWAY breakast. Have you eveer tried their flat bread omeltte breakfasts?! It’s like basically the same price as a mcdonalds or tim hortons breakfast sandwich, buut it comes with egg in a flat bread, you can also add meat, and then you get to pick ur veggies and cheese and they put it all together. Magicc! It is deliciouuuuus, straight-up no chaser.


Do you Fish? Adventures into the world of plentyoffish.com

Beyonce and Jigga creating their profiles;)

Wednesday’s have now been officially tagged as “date-night” by Milestones restaurants, so today is definitley the  perrfect time to debut a dating series which the thatgirlx team has had in development from some timeee.
So much talk goes on about online dating and alot of people have been fronting that they do not do it or are too scared to try it buuut when we hit up the streets of the GTA and talked with young men and women a verryyy high percentage admitted having used, looked through or atleast created an account on the website  called..
www.plentyoffish.com/  …so without furtherr ado, check below !

Plenty of Fish

Dating Chronicles of Plenty of Fish: Five Do’s and Don’ts
Online dating may not be the most conventional way to meet someone but it can be one of the most successful ways…so I hear! I was a little hesitant when friends of mine recommended that I try online dating (life is just too busy to meet people the old-fashioned way) but I created a profile a couple days ago anyways…and it’s actually starting to grow on me! I’m going to test the site out and update you guys, give you pointers and let you know about my experience…basically…I’m your little guinea pig!

Plentyoffish.com is where I decided to start off. Only because it seems extremely popular, so I figured I’d have a little more variety in the type of men on the site. Also, it doesn’t seem as intense as a site like eharmony where most people are looking for a serious relationship. In the end, online dating is all the same, regardless of the site you use, you should be able to get something out of my experience!

Creating a profile for a dating website can be hard because you want to say the right things to ensure you actually attract people but at the same time, you don’t want to come off as anything but yourself. Here’s a list of some of the do’s and don’ts I came across when creating my profile and creeping the profiles of others!

Remember "Hell Date" on BET..well let's try to avoid being like those contestants and keep the crazy to a minimum..

1. Keep it short and simple! Don’t write an entire essay and at the same time you don’t want it too be TOO short. The longer your profile, the higher the chance that nobody will read it. You’ll come off far too picky and people are just far too lazy to read 5 paragraphs on what kind of person you are and what you’re looking for. If it’s too short and shows zero personality, you’ll quickly be overlooked. I’d recommend 3-4 sentences, a quick line about you, why you’re on the site and what you’re looking for…all you need! Trust me, men are extremely brave when it comes to interacting online, if they want to know anything more about you, they definitely won’t hesitate to ask

2.  Let your personality shine! It seems like writing a quick description about yourself would be easy but it can be difficult because one little phrase or choice of wording can really effect what people will think about you. Here’s an example. When I first created an online dating profile months ago, I stated “I was just looking for a fun time and I’m open to anything!”. In my head, I thought that showed how easy going I am. In a man’s head…that really translates to…”i’m promiscuous and I’m down to do the nastyyy!”. All the sexual invitations I received in my inbox led me to delete my profile 24 hours later thinking all guys on these sites are dogs. Take the time to write out your description, choose your words wisely, and as cliché as it sounds…be yourself and you’ll attract the exact type of guy that you want to!

This is the reaction you will get when you use that pic you have from 20 pounds lighter and 5 years ago and then you and your date meet..be yourself!

            3. Click Click FLASH! When it asks you to post pictures, it seems common sense that people would post RECENT photos. But that’s clearly not the case. There’s nothing wrong with picking out your best photos…that’s the benefit of these online sites. You don’t have to worry about running into someone you’re attracted to on your bad hair day. Pick your best photos, but make sure they actually look like you! I’ve come across many profiles where the guy looks like 4 completely different people, it’s confusing and it just throws you off. Consistency is key!
            4. Be straight up! On these sites you have to put in what you’re looking for, whether it’s dating, friendship, a long term relationship, or really just someone to fool around with. Be honest and make sure you make it clear what you want. With online dating you don’t have to waste your time dating someone and realizing your both on a completely different page. So save yourself and everybody else some time by stating what you really and truly want. Regardless of what it is there’s going to be someone else on there looking for the same thing. If one night stands are your thing or you’re searching for your own prince charming, be clear about it, there’s nothing wrong with getting exactly what you’re looking for! 

Harlem Heights date, remember that show!?

        5. Be confident! Everybody can agree that confidence is extremely sexy. If you’re a female and you’re on a dating site, you really don’t have to do much searching, the messages will start flowing in and all you need to do is sit down, filter through them and make your picks! BUT if you like to be more proactive and you come across somebody you’re interested in…do not message them anything that shows even a tiny little bit of insecurity. I’ve received messages where men will say something along the lines of how they don’t even expect a reply from me and how they think they’re way out of my league. The profile was intriguing and I was attracted to the men in the pictures but as soon as they show that insecurity, they practically killed it for themselves You’re really ruining it for yourself before the other person even gets a chance to talk to you. Keep your insecurities hidden, nobody needs to know about them!

L.A.M.B 2011 Shoe Collection:)I’m in loveee

Gwen Stefani at Teen Vogue
Gwen Stefani rocking the L.A.M.B Caitlyn suede wedge during an interviewed with Tavi Richardson.
While on the hunt at my local winners I stumbled upon the most gorrrrg shoes, I tried them on and fell in love, they made my legs look amazing andd they were supercomfy. I checked out the label and was suprised to find they were L.A.M.B. so I went on the internet to see what other great pieces she has in the 2011 collection and I officially want them ALLLLL.
The collection is a great mix of  simple with  rugged textures and lots of height and  platform bases, loveeee! My bday is not tooo far away and L.A.M.B will defff be on my wishlist! Below are a few of my favoritess…

L.A.M.B Caitlyn Suede Wedge- featured in Rose. $375.00


Gwen Stefani in L.A.M.B 2011


L.A.M.B Caitlyn suede wedge in Black

L.A.M.B Caitlyn suede wedge in Black

The shoes that I saw at Winners were the L.A.M.B crepe peep-toe booties. I adore the mesh accented with the leather straps, and the zipper at the back makes them super comfy. I WILL have these shoes, mark my words.  I tried on the black and they looked a.m.a.z.i.n.g. My leggings and tshirt were instantly glammed up, plus i can just see myself with these a fitted dress in the club.

L.A.M.B Crepe peep-toe booties. Retail at $365.00. Saw them at winners for $210.00!!!?


L.A.M.B Charisma - Love the rugged yet sexy look of the wooden platfrom hill. 375 CAD.


I found a huge selection for the L.A.M.B collection available at www.heels.com
*Not the greatest deals but they do have occasional sales and ship to canada and other countries outside the U.S.A for all my international readers.

www.polyvore.com has a great price in CAD on a lot of the L.A.M.B shoes

If you watch basketball wives, Evelyn Lozada’s store, Dulce Shoes, also has a few L.A.M.B heels available for sale. 


P.S. For all you BB Wives fans out there get ready for some upcoming posts on my faaav reality show!

L.A.M.B Spring 2011 runway.

L.A.M.B models wearing charisma on the right & kapono wedge on the left.L.A.M.B Kapono wedge


L.A.M.B Kapono wedge. 310 CAD at polyvore.com

These shoes are uber comfy and check out your local winners and online for sales. I’ll keep my out too, you know thatgirlx has your back!

A little out of your price range? Well get ready for the post of all posts with my dish on the sickest and cheapest shoe store on the planet right now, and they are located all over the GTA. I went in with 30 dollars and came out with 3 pairs of gorgeous heels that full price would have come to over 200 bucks..Yess, it is THAAT GOOD.
Stay tuned!